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Author:  TDO [ Thu Mar 31, 2005 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum rules


With immediate effect:

1 – Registration is unnecessary to view the contents of the forum.

2 – Registration is required to contribute to the forum. Contributors need not use their real name. A valid email address is required, but this need not contain your real name, and this will be hidden from the public unless you specify otherwise during the registration process.

3 – Any contributor using bad language or making abusive or racist remarks may have their messages edited or removed. Persistent offenders will have their registration terminated.

4 – Any contributor making defamatory remarks or posting malicious falsehoods, whether about Taxi Driver Online or third parties, may have their registration terminated. This also applies to those using external sources to disseminate defamatory remarks or malicious falsehoods, or those attempting to promote such sources on Taxi Driver Online.


To facilitate freedom of expression it is unnecessary to register to view the forum. To prevent troublemakers trying to disrupt or discredit the site, registration is required to contribute to the discussions, but in the interests of freedom of expression pseudonyms can be used provided that a valid email address is supplied. Requiring registration also means that each contribution is made under a specific 'username', thus making it easier for forum users to follow the debates.

To promote civilised debate any contributions detrimental to this may be edited or deleted, or registration terminated. Contributors attempting to discredit the site by making false claims, whether on this site or elsewhere, may have their registration terminated.

Although the site's administration will monitor the forum to ensure that these rules are adhered to, we would be happy to entertain any claims relating to breaches of the rules which may have escaped our attention.

These rules may be updated from time to time.

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