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Letter to Minister from MoM Group & LGA amendments
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Author:  trotskys twin [ Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Letter to Minister from MoM Group & LGA amendments

Mercedes bullet wrote:
Thanks for the reply Trotskis twin interesting name .i agree I had to retire through injury and am still waiting for compensation as the punter was jailed for pistol whipping me.The second one in 5 years. my wife Insisted I stop working the road so now I read and watch events in the trade.All I here about is uber but don't understand what they r all about and the dangers of the report.

UBER are about giving PH Drivers the opportunity to escape the clutches of the DETESTABLE RABID SCUM STYLE OPERATORS THAT LIE CHEAT AND SWINDLE DRIVERS particularly in London assured their not exactly philanthropic this UBER mob but given organisation they can be dealt with.

The GMB PDB London Region should and could have negotiated a deal with them in my opinion , but it appears the business interests of some of their officials has prevented that. #-o #-o #-o

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