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PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:25 pm 

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Yes, it's 'women', not 'woman' :-|

Racist women punch and kick taxi driver 'just doing his job' as he lay on the floor ... i-19568621

One woman asked him where he was from then told him "f*** you African" and called him the N word

Jacqueline Preston (L) and Lorraine Ennis (R) (Image: Liverpool Echo)

Two racist women punched and kicked a taxi driver to the floor after hurling abuse at him.

Lorraine Ennis began to hurl racist insults at Desmond Thabo as he drove her and Jacqueline Preston to an off licence in Knotty Ash.

When he refused to continue the journey because of the abuse Ennis punched him in the face, breaking his glasses, and both drunken women began punching and kicking him as he lay on the ground.

Ennis, who has a previous conviction for a racist assault on a dog-owner, even hit the taxi driver with an "unknown object", leaving him with a cut on his head.

The women, both aged 58, were charged with racially aggravated assault and found guilty following a trial.

Vincent Yip, prosecuting, explained the incident took place late on Friday, October 18, 2019, and into the early hours of October 19.

Mr Thabo collected Ennis and Preston from The Deysbrook Pub on Deysbrook Lane in West Derby.

Mr Yip said: "The complainant was asked to take the defendants to an off licence in Knotty Ash. On the way the complainant was asked by Preston for his name and Ennis asked where he was from."

Mr Thabo told the women he was from Africa to which Preston said: "We're not from Africa, we are from England" before Ennis exclaimed "f*** you African" and left the taxi after it stopped.

When Ennis went into the off licence Mr Yip explained Preston, of Blenheim Drive, Prescot, told the driver to "ignore her friend" and said "they would pay the fare".

Mr Yip said: "The complainant asked Preston to tell Ms Ennis to stop making racist comments otherwise he wouldn't be continuing with the journey."

Despite the polite request Ennis continued the horrific language and Mr Thabo stopped the taxi on East Prescot Road and told the women to get out as he "wasn't prepared to carry on".

Mr Yip told the court Ennis called him the N-word and "hit him to the back of the head whilst sat behind him in the taxi".

Mr Thabo got out of the taxi and opened the doors asking the women to get out, which Preston did but Ennis didn't.

The court heard Mr Thabo was then punched to the face.

Mr Yip said: "Both punch him, pulling at his coat causing him to fall to the floor whilst the defendants continued to kick and punch him, causing swelling to his right knee.

"At some point during the assault the complainant's head was hit by Ennis with an unknown object in her hand, which causes a small laceration to the forehead of Mr Thabo."

Police arrived at the scene and shortly after the women were arrested for racially aggravated assault.

Ennis, of Mardale Road, Huyton, has a previous conviction from 2018 for racially aggravated assault and was handed a community order.

Preston's previous convictions are of some age and the district judge said she was "effectively of good character".

David Woods, defending both Ennis and Preston, told the court that Ennis suffers from a "back condition" for which she is receiving "urgent" treatment from the Walton Centre and is due to have an operation.

Mr Woods confirmed Ennis receives disability living allowance as she is a carer for her elderly mother who depends on her for day-to-day living.

Referring to her previous conviction for the same offence Mr Woods said: "She saw someone being cruel to a dog and received some hurtful personal insults. She accepted responsibility and pleaded guilty."

Mr Woods said: "In the past she has suffered from serious depression which is under control with medication which she takes on a regular basis."

He said: "There is no acceptance of guilt, both indicate an intention to appeal against the conviction."

Mr Woods said both women were willing to engage with the probation service.

Speaking about Preston, Mr Woods described her as "in a less serious position" because of her lack of previous convictions.

Mr Woods said she "went out for a drink on this night when she normally wouldn't go out for a drink."

The court heard Preston hasn't gone out for a long time following the death of her son.

Mr Woods explained she was supported by her husband, who sat at the back of the courtroom, with whom she has three children.

She also suffers from mental health issues for which she has taken medication and Mr Woods described her as a "very vulnerable woman".

District Judge James Hatton, sentencing Ennis, said: "I have considered very carefully the report prepared by the probation service, the contents of that and also what has been said by your solicitor."

District Judge Hatton said he acknowledges the impact a custodial sentence would have on Ennis' mother but said: "I can't ignore the fact this is a conviction following a trial."

The judge described it as a "persistent" and "prolonged" attack against the victim who was "just doing his job".

District Judge Hatton said: "You set upon him, you knocked him to the floor, you struck him with an unknown object."

The judge ruled that as Ennis, unlike Preston, had previous convictions for "a number of matters" an immediate custodial sentence was appropriate.

Ennis was locked up for 20 weeks, half of which she will serve on licence.

District Judge Hatton explained Preston's position was "different" due to her lack of previous convictions but told her it was an "unpleasant incident".

The judge said: "You racially abused him in a sustained assault against him, he was knocked to the floor."

Preston was handed a 16 week sentence suspended for 12 months and must complete 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirements.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:26 pm 

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There's a follow-up Echo article about the sentencing, unsurprisingly.

But it's eminently predictable readers' comments about the leniency, which I suspect most readers on here will conclude themselves. So the article below is mainly a rehash of the one above, but this is just to point out that the leniency of the sentencing has made the news.

'No real punishment' for racist thugs who abused taxi driver ... i-19568621

Preston and Ennis kicked and punched the driver as he lay on the ground

PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 8:08 pm 
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No way that conviction will be successfully appealed.

No way.

The reason for the low length of sentence is because of what they were charged with, and the sentencing guildline.

The judge got it right, some will say the law isn't.


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