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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:03 pm 

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ERYC is East Riding of Yorkshire Council [-(

Calls to increase number of East Riding licenced hackney taxis ... -increase/

Image: ERYC/Planet Radio

A motion's being put forward to the County Council today by the Liberal Democrats

There are calls for an increase in the number of licensed hackney taxis in the East Riding particularly in the evenings.

A motion is being put forward to the County Council this afternoon by the Liberal Democrats.

Cllr Viv Padden is proposing it and said: “There is clearly a problem in getting taxis, particularly in the evening. The problems in Hull are well-known but we also have a problem in the suburban areas of Haltemprice and West Hull Villages.

"The Covid pandemic and loss of trade, meant many drivers dropped out of the taxi business and found other employment and in some cases returned to EU Countries. Brexit and the uncertainty created has meant drivers are not coming back from EU Countries into the UK. They and their families don’t feel welcome here.

"I want to see the Council doing what it can to try and restore the taxi service. One option is to reduce the licensing fee. On its own, it may not be enough but we need to see what other measures could be used to help such as the cost of the driving test and medical examinations. Our Group has been working with the ERYC Licensing Manager Louise Wilson to see what can be done.”

He says since September last year in the East Riding, there is 96 licensed hackney taxis, with 16 of those wheelchair accessible, although there are 164 private hires.

Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens said: “In Bridlington, many of my residents including women and the vulnerable, rely on taxis to get them home safely from work. This is a matter of public safety. Because of the run-down of Bridlington Hospitals services, some residents are dependent on taxis to get them to public transport or in some cases to Hospital in Scarborough or York.”

    Motion to Council:

    This Council notes the difficulties being experienced in finding taxis in the East Riding of Yorkshire due to a shortage of drivers following Brexit and Covid-19.

    The Council resolves to:

    1 In line with its commitment to ensuring Safety for Women, girls, and all vulnerable people at night, recognise the importance of trying to ensure an efficient and effective taxi service,

    2 Request the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Sub-Committee to identify what measures can be taken by the Council, and other partner organisations, to support and help our taxi service.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:04 pm 

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LibDem councillor wrote:
Brexit and the uncertainty created has meant drivers are not coming back from EU Countries into the UK. They and their families don’t feel welcome here.

Maybe the LibDem councillor should come here, where taxi drivers don't feel welcome because of, er, the LibDem councillors :-o

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 3:54 am 

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Kept on forgetting to post this slightly alternative angle from a few days ago.

Can't summon up the effort tonight to write 1,000 words in response to RTD, but the extended quote from the 'driver' at the end here provides maybe a more rounded assessment of the trade than some of the more lurid press articles posted on here. Of course, no two areas are the same, and I suspect his smaller town/suburban Hull* environment maybe won't reflect what's happening in some locations, but perhaps a bit more balance than the PR-oriented recruitment advertorial stuff from the mega-ops [-(

(*He's obviously under East Riding Council rather than Hull City, and no doubt the areas he serves are distinct locations, but looking at the map you'd be forgiven for thinking they were suburban areas of Hull.)

Call for More Taxi and Private Hire Drivers in East Riding ... st-riding/

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is to explore what it can do to increase the number of local taxi and private hire drivers.

Measures to encourage more Taxi and Private Hire drivers to come to work in the East Riding are to be explored by the county council.

Councillors have backed a motion calling on the authority to identify what measures can be taken to support taxi services.

Councillor Kerri Harold says the lockdowns have made it difficult for many drivers.

At a meeting this week Councillors heard concerns that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get a taxi in the East Riding.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Viv Padden, who tabled the motion at the full council meeting, said many drivers were stopping work after 8pm because of a lack of jobs.

Councillors also said problems with taxi availability were leading to concerns for vulnerable people such as the elderly and women travelling home late at night.

But while Brexit and COVID were cited as reasons for a perceived fall in the number of drivers Councillor Kerri Harold said the numbers of drivers hasn't fallen that dramatically.

One East Riding taxi driver has said the industry is battling to recruit workers, contending with demand surges at peak times and pandemic pressures amid council calls to help.

Jon Wray, of Willerby Cars, said new recruits were put off by the months’ long process of getting taxi licences, with only around one in 10 applicants seeing it through.

He added taxis in both the East Riding and Hull were struggling to meet demand from people out at the weekend, causing some to be up to 40 minutes late.

Mr Wray said part of the problem came from the taxi licensing process but the pandemic, while largely sparing his firm, had sent many others under.

Mr Wray said:

“Getting new drivers is the battle at the moment.

“If you sit next to a taxi driver in their car and you ask the question most people ask, if they’ve been busy, they’ll say it’s rubbish at the moment.

“If you told them you wanted to become a taxi driver, they’d tell you not to bother.

“Of course that’s partly because they don’t want competition from new drivers but it’s also because getting a licence is long-winded, it takes too long.

“It can take up to three months, applicants are told to do this and then this and then something else, it’s not through any fault of theirs it’s the process itself.

“For people who are out of work, they can’t afford to wait three months, so they just go and get another job.

“We get enquiries all the time but we’re lucky if 10 per cent actually make it through the process and get their licence.

“Overall the industry isn’t particularly short of drivers at the moment, the problem is that in Hull for example it’s now a one night town.

“There’s plenty of cars around in the week, but it’s busy on Saturday and when everyone leaves pubs and clubs at the same time that’s when you get the shortages.

“Everyone falls out of the pubs at 11pm and the problem is people can’t seem to get to grips with pre-booking, it doesn’t matter if people book two minutes before or two hours before, it makes a difference.

“During the week there isn’t much work so a lot of drivers will take council school contracts to transport vulnerable or disabled children.

“They can’t be expected to wait around for work, they take those contracts so they can have some stability and then go and do what they need to do on a weekend moving people to and from the pubs, bars and clubs.

“During the pandemic I think our firm was particularly lucky, we retained a lot of our drivers so we haven’t done so badly.

“But there were some who did leave to go and do things like work for Amazon or deliver food.

“The vast majority of taxi drivers are self-employed, I think the government did well will the self-employment grants handed out through councils, we would have struggled if it wasn’t for that."

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 11:54 am 
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The problem with weekend work has always has been that due to under demand during 20 hours of the day and over demand for the other 4 hours that it becomes unviable for Taxi and PH firms to lay on additional vehicles just for 4 hours.....a matter further compounded by the rest of the week being quieter still and Covid making it even quieter than normal.

Unlike the Bus Companies we dont get such grants as the BSOG to cover our losses during the quieter times and we'd have to endure the costs of the laid up vehicles which would be required to meet 100% of demand for just 8 hours a week.

If they want that full cover then offer the trade similar grants as the bus operators get to cover our losses of laying on extra vehicles at peak times.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 7:44 pm 
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“If you told them you wanted to become a taxi driver, they’d tell you not to bother.

That's the standard reply no matter what the level of trade is.


PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 8:04 pm 
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what an awful vehicle livery why do these councils come up with such awful colours

Taxis Are Public Transport too

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