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Who's liable for the fare in shared taxi?
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Author:  wannabeeahack [ Sun Nov 01, 2020 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Who's liable for the fare in shared taxi?

bloodnock wrote:
Sussex wrote:
StuartW wrote:
StuartW wrote:
Although, as I said, the farm road trips are usually decent fares, so the drivers just tend to grin and bear it.

Had one the other night, and was a bit annoyed, but it was a £20 run, and can't afford to turn these trips down, particularly just now.

Have heard drivers talking about this road for years, but first time I've actually done this one since I started in 1998 :-o

By no means the worst farm road I've been on, but it must have been about half a mile in total :x

(Fare actually clocked at £19.80, and was a card job. Of course, she just said to round it up, didn't she? :evil: )


That is just horrible. [-X

I work in a Hicksville country area and I would not use a road like that, it'd be farm road end only.

Had a new school run 2 years ago, the regular school had opened a new "unit" and tender just had a postcode for destination...

having won it the contract drop off was a "***** farm house" which was a large old farmhouse right by the road through a village, 2 weeks before the run started i went to suss out the place.....

feck was it the farmhouse, it was a new build unit/office down a gravel potholed track...., car needed washing every day, dust in summer, mud in winter, the school paid £8000 to install high speed broadband but after 8 weeks of smashed doors and fences kicked down (and kids thrown into the river) the landlords kicked the school off the site...with 3 years lease left to run

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