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Author:  Something [ Sat Jan 17, 2004 11:26 pm ]
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Alex wrote:
Anonymous wrote:
it wont the term is advance bookings, how can they be that if the driver is doing it

Mr Guest, how can you expect to have a meaningful discussion, if you keep posting under guest?

While the whole point of TDO was to allow anonymity, or perhaps I was told to allow anonymity, it's very hard to keep up a proper conversation.

I don't want to know who you are, that's your right, but please call yourself something.


is that better?

Author:  steveo [ Tue Jan 20, 2004 2:57 pm ]
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we use auriga and that uses caller ID, we keep the customers home phone number on the computer so the next time they ring up their address is up on the screen even before we answer the phone.

we have a lot of free phones in clubs and pubs so we get the ID for a pub off that. poor door man would need an office else!

we dont do caller ID from mobiles.

Author:  Alex [ Wed Jan 21, 2004 1:25 pm ]
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steveo wrote:
we dont do caller ID from mobiles.

You would have thought that caller ID was more important via a mobile, than a land-line.


Author:  Andy7 [ Mon Jan 26, 2004 10:01 pm ]
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It would be Alex, but caller ID on a mobile does not give a location. You would need RDF gear to do that, and apparently it is so expensive that even the police can only use it in exceptional circumstances.

We visited the M25 Control room at Chigwell, and were told that while they have caller ID on the Motorwy phone network, they have serious problems when people phone in accidents etc with mobiles, as the callers nearly always cannot tell exactly where on the motorway they are.

However, if you use caller ID on mobiles and you have a very regular customer base (such as us) you will find that even with mobiles you can probably guess the job when the cuistomer first rings and their name shows.

What I would like to see is caller-recognition with a time element attached to it. EG:

"Bill" calls in with his mobile at 7am to go to work (Regular call)

Computer recognises Bills number, and realises that he alwasy calls in at 7 to go to work. Thus, it can plot the job before he is answered.

Then at 4.30 Bill always rings to go home. So, the job can again be plotted (this time in reverse, because of the time at which it is called in.)

Then, at 7.30, bill is off to the pub.

Then, at 11.00 he goes home.

And so on and so on.

A lot of this stuff could be done on Autodial, such as Diplomat offer, methinks. Simple bit of programing for Jason. Wholly Logic, and no algorythms. Just attach the clock to the caller ID database.

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