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Our forum is intended to fill the gap left by the demise of taxiforum.com, but although we allow visitors to view the posts without having to register, only members are allowed to post messages.  Also, it is hoped to leave the forum largely unmoderated.  However, although we expect robust debate, we will not hesitate to delete posts that are abusive, racist or potentially defamatory.  Please note that not only are many members of the trade put off by incivility, but also that anyone can view the posts, and we must thus ensure that the debates project a good image of the trade.

External Internet Websites
Taxi Driver Online is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

As mentioned above, it is not necessary to register to view the forum, but it is required to post messages.  However, registration is easy and allows you to use several important features, such as sending personal messages to other registered members and allowing you to quickly find new messages posted since you last visited.  In the interests of encouraging free speech we do not require you to use your real name or disclose your personal details, but of course you are free to do so.  However, please note that multiple registrations under different names may lead to privileges being withdrawn.

New to forums?
If you haven't used a forum before, they may seem a bit daunting at first, but they're easy!  Click on the Forum link to the left of the screen, wait a few seconds and you'll see a list of the various forums.  Put your mouse cursor over the name of the forum you want to look at and click.  You'll then see a list of topics, click on the one you want to read and the messages will appear.  To reply to a message or start a new topic, just click on the buttons at the top and bottom of the messages, but don't forget that you have to register first!

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